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During autumn in the northern latitudes, the natural world showcases spectacular shades of red, orange, gold, and yellow. Color is no longer dependent on wildflowers scattered here and there; rather the earth shines in radiance. On the other hand, during winter in our neck of the woods the trees have dropped their leaves, the grass is brown and has gone into hibernation, the landscape is often white and silent—winter is a time of reflection and a time to be grateful for the many blessings. In the above quote Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s statement that gratitude changes memories into joy rings true for me. 

I am grateful for health.

I am grateful for Marty who supports me in my every endeavor.

I am grateful for Phyllis who loves unconditionally.

I am grateful for Wish2 who, in her wildness, understands me.

I am grateful for friends and family.

I am grateful for the gift of being chosen to work on this magazine.

I am grateful for each of you who support Nature Photographer.

And these all bring me joy.

As I write this I realize that in addition to changing memories into joy, gratitude is also humbling. And for me, being humbled brings into perspective that I am only a blink in time. But as a blink I have an obligation to do my best in this journey called life.

The work on this magazine demands that I do my best. Sometimes I make mistakes, and I apologize. Thank you for your support—we are grateful to you, our readers and advertisers. The work I volunteer to do at Tide Mill Organic Farm also demands my best. The cows’ comfort and sometimes their lives depend upon the job being done correctly and I strive to excel. I am grateful for the ability to do these diverse jobs—publishing a magazine and doing barn chores.

Marty and I are gifted with living in a locale that provides outdoor activities. Marty has superb photography locations nearby. And I have the work at Tide Mill Organic Farm, which is physically beneficial as well as giving me a sense of accomplishment and pleasure. We both are grateful for our pursuits in life. They bring us delight.

It is our hope that all your photographic adventures are joyful and richly rewarding. And, also, that all facets of your life provide a reason to celebrate each day.

Thank you for your readership of Nature Photographer. We exist because of you, and it is always a pleasure to talk with you when you call. We wish you peace, love, and superb photography adventures! 

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2017—may January to December be filled with joy!

Spring is the season much anticipated by those living in the northern latitudes. Days are filled with beautiful memories. New life is ushered in by sunshine and gentle breezes. The landscape turns green dotted by the many colors of spring flowers. Birds are busy building nests while mammals seek safe places to give birth to their young. All of these miracles unfold on schedule each spring without any assistance by humans. God is in control. These daily miracles in nature are gifts to all who take the time to see. And, for the nature photographer, seeing translates to photographic opportunities. 
As you move through spring filling your flash cards or capturing the miracles on film, cherish each moment for that moment will never be repeated. 
Immediately after I typed the above statement Marty came in with the mail. In the mail was a rose-colored envelope from Bonnie West, Larry West’s wife. It contained news that I was unaware of—that Larry West, one of the real greats among nature photographers, had passed away on December 15, 2015. Tears of sadness streamed down my face-. The nature photographic community has lost a valued member. Sadness was mixed with memories of Larry’s immense gifts to this magazine. During the early days of Nature Photographer he willingly spent much time on the phone counselling me. Larry’s wisdom was a tremendous help and I am forever grateful.
Cherish each moment in life, because the only aspect of life that is certain is change. You may never have the opportunity to speak with a special friend again. You will never have the opportunity to marvel at that unusual and unique sunrise you photographed—another sunrise but not the one you just captured to share with others. Every moment is just that—a moment in time unlike any other.
Speaking of memories—yes, I am still creating them in the barn at Tide Mill Organic Farm with Wish2 and her summer pasture mate Ubie, along with two other yearlings and three weaners who are their herd mates in the barn. Working with them is joyful—they make me smile and teach me lessons. And, the exercise is a plus. Wish2 is now far larger than in the photo to the right-—weighing 600+ pounds.
You are special, and we are deeply grateful for your readership of Nature Photographer. This magazine exists because of you. It is always a pleasure when you call and share your time with us. We enjoy meeting readers via the phone and talking with you. Life can become so busy that it is easy to let opportunities slip away for the creation of precious memories. 
Our wish for you is that spring enriches your life with peace, joy, love, and superb photography opportunities! 
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