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Like Spring bursting forth, my heart overflows with gratitude to God and to each of you—our readers and advertisers. Over the years you have both supported us and been special friends who most likely we will never have the privilege of meeting face to face on this earth. You are our nature photography family. Thank you!

Last Spring COVID threatened our 31-year relationship with you. It impacted the magazine with a financial loss that was bigger than I could figure out how to navigate. Since the Editors, Marty, and I volunteer our time there were no salaries to pause. For the first time in 31 years of publishing Nature Photographer, I could not devise a plan, so I turned to God and He gave us you.

You provided the answer with your renewals, new subscriptions, Special Edition participation, single copy and PDF purchases, your very “generous” financial gifts, and also the support of our advertisers. Daily you continue to supply the financial resources for this magazine to continue publication. Your outpouring of support is deeply appreciated, more than you may know.

I apologize that this issue is late. I injured my back this winter. First, in the barn while doing chores for Wish2 and her calf Wait. After healing from that event, I injured myself again. I was sidelined for nine weeks­ in all making work on most days impossible. So, I rested and tried to keep Matthew 15:30 in my heart and have faith in the “Great Healer”. I’m a “doer” person so being sidelined was a learning lesson. Your telephone calls, emails, cards, and notes encouraged me. Thank you.

As I look around and see the evidence of Spring my heart leaps—new life rejuvenates me. By all evidence the giant oak outside our office appears dead, but deep in the earth, no matter how cold or stormy the winter, its roots continue to provide nourishment. As the weather warms, green is in evidence as life emerges. This is how our life is, isn’t it? Our roots in faith provide nourishment for us to blossom during the storms of life.

As you travel “your” world, whether it be near home or distance places, we hope you relish your adventures and enjoy each “glimpse” into the lives of all of creation.

We wish you much joy with your photography and your “life” adventures. May each of your days be rewarding and filled with love! Thank you for reading Nature Photographer.



 "God, we seek Your comfort, healing and Your "Saving Grace". In Jesus holy name we pray, Amen"

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