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Joy­­—an attitude of the heart!

A smile coming from the depths within, is as beautiful as a spring landscape decorated by blooms—some delicate, others bold. Why? Because smiles emerging from the source of joy within one's heart are not dependent upon circumstances. In the words of Mother Teresa, "A joyful heart is like the sunshine of God's love."

What happens if we share our joy and love with others? Will it make the world better? Hopefully. However, one thing is for certain—joy and love are powerful and when shared, they multiply.

How can we share our joy with those we will never meet? What about the images created while experiencing nature's magnificent beauty? Would this offer photographers an opportunity to touch people they may never encounter?  "One touch of nature makes the whole world kin." William Shakespeare

Sojourns into nature are joyful activities and lift the spirit, and joy makes the world a better and healthier place.

Nature images have the power to lift the spirits of people viewing them. Through the sharing of images, photographers have an avenue to convey the magnificence of creation they felt while capturing the photo. This is a gift of love to people both far and near, and gives the photographer a way to convey the joy experienced in that moment.

This is what photographers do when they choose to share their images and their photographic adventures with the readers of this magazine.

We thank all the photographers who send us exquisitely beautiful images of the world in which we live—from the seashores to the mountains; the animals, birds, insects; all of creation.

We're grateful to all who read Nature Photographer magazine. It exists because of your readership.

And, when we have the opportunity to speak with subscribers, it is a special treat to share stories, ideas, thoughts; and to hear about your adventures. Thank you.

As you pursue your passion for nature photography, we wish you the best of life. May your heart be filled with much joy.


 "God, we seek Your comfort, healing and Your "Saving Grace". In Jesus holy name we pray, Amen"

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