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Summer—oh my, what glorious summers and early autumns we are blessed with in our neck of the woods! During spring preparation for the coming of these seasons, the months that consistently beg us to be outside, we shook the winter dust off our life and prepped our flower gardens.

Our land is surrounded by evergreen and deciduous trees, and behind our property a forested hill rises on the west, keeping this tiny parcel of land cool on the occasional “sort-of-hot” coastal Maine day.

We take delight in our flower gardens that are interspersed with wild plants. We enjoy the wildlife in and near our home—a variety of birds, robins nesting, hummingbirds darting from blossom to blossom, honey bees pollinating, butterflies flitting about, chipmunks and squirrels scurrying around, wild rabbits nibbling grasses at dawn and sunset, eagles soaring, moths that are attracted to the porch light at night, owls calling, coyotes howling, an occasional fox trotting up our driveway and into the woods, and so much more. We are grateful for the critters that call our gardens, lawn, and surrounding woods “home,” as well as for our life in this spot in Maine.

We are gifted with a desire to be present and joyful in our activities and we strive to achieve this. Are we always successful in this quest? No, of course, not. But it does mean, if we look for it, there is joy to be found when working on this magazine, spending quiet time in our gardens, and being with Phyllis. Also, there is joy for Marty when he is hiking and photographing, for me when I’m at Cressey pasture with Wish2 (our cow) and her herd mates, as well as many other "life" activities.

What is our prescription? Discovering the joy of appreciation of all the Lord gives us, whether it’s what we may have envisioned, or something much different. While the different may be tough to accept at first, it causes us to shake dust off our beings, that we may not realize has accumulated, and sit quietly in our gardens and grow.

We wish you a superb summer and early autumn. We hope you enjoy photographing, hiking, and all of your “life” adventures. May your days be filled with joy!

         With love, Helen


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