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Summer 2016 PDF download
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Summer 2016 PDF download

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Nature Photographer Magazine—Summer 2016

**note** This is a downloadable PDF version of the Summer 2016 issue. It has the added features of clickable links, additional material (article and images), and it's available immediately after purchase and download for viewing on computer or tablet device (wherever a PDF can be viewed). If using and iPad, live links can be unpredictable. The pdf can also be viewed in iBooks, or by using a pdf app for a tablet. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to the PDF file where you can download the Summer 2016 issue. File size is aproximately 36 MB. If you do not receive an email with a link please check your email spam folder.

….. Articles …..

Joshua Tree

Photographing the Icebergs of Eastern Greenland 

Fynbos and Beyond—Photography in South Africa’s Central Cape Region

Sable Island—Where Horses Run Wild

Confessions of a Wildlife Photographer

Brown Bears of Katmai

Your Vehicle a Useful Photo Aid

Getting Away With It       

Macro Tips   

India’s Incredible Wildlife Diversity

All Aboard       

Our Suburban Oasis       

Black Bear Mating Ritual   

Arizona’s Golden Triangle

Summertime in Mount Rainier
A Visit to the Canadian Rockies

Consider Spiders to Photograph

Antelope Canyon—Shapes, Textures, Colors

Answering the Door


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