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Special Edition & Autumn/Winter 2019
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Special Edition & Autumn/Winter 2019

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Cover Info:
Top Left: Zebras, Botswana, by Jerome S. Siegel, Field Contributor.

Bottom Left: Grand  Prismatic sunrise, Yellowstone National Park, by Paul Kammen, Field Contributor.

Right: A proud pair of emperor penguins nestling and bonding with their chick, Snow Hill Island, Weddell Sea, Antarctica, by Dee Ann Pederson,Field Contributor.

Special Edition Articles   ....

My Approach & Methodology in Nature Photography

Photography as a Journey

Roseate Spoonbills

An Instant Out of Time

Bald Eagle Age Progression

Preferred Available Light Event

Waterfalls, Wildflowers, Wildlife & More

Against All Odds

Taking in the Work of the Master Artist

Autumn/Winter 2020 ....


Autumn Views in Grand Teton NP

White Pocket

Autumn Falls

The Shoot

Saguaros Dressed in Winter White

Embrace the Cold

Out of the Darkness

Mastering a New System

Sea Horses

Journey to View Elk & Big Horn Sheep!

Landscape Photography

A Sense of Belonging

Lake Michigan Ice Formations

Annual Eaglefest

Northern Lights Over Denali

 Answering the Door

Gear Review—“Essential Pieces of Wildlife Photography Gear”

Special Edition Contributors .....

Arlene Allan, Rinus Baak, Olin & Beverly Batchelor, Jim Booth, David Boyd,
Suzette Brumbaugh, Robert Buckheit, Jr., Roger K. Burnard, Tim Corcoran,
Paul Crook, James Day, Marvin L. DeJong, Roger Faust, Gesine Firestone,
Mike Gilliam, Chuck Graham, Bob Gramzay, Patti Grosh, Patsy & Joe Howard,
Jyl Hoyt & Robert Vestal, David C. Johanson, Robert Johnson,
Tina Wright & Kevin Juberg, Paul Kammen, Amanda Kiplinger, Bob Lodes,
J. Patrick Mahon, Debbi Marquette, Donald May, Tom Mayhew, John Meragias,
Jerrold (Jerry) Meyer, Michael R. Mulauski, Jay O’Brien, Ray Parisi, Jr.
Dee Ann Pederson, Nelson Pont, Michael Pucciarelli, Riley Ridner,
Geoffrey D. Robinson, Russell A. Rockwell, Angelo Rolando, James R. Saxon,
Jerome S. Siegel, Julie Anne Sparrow, Mike Swanson, Gene Tilley, Rick Viel,
Charles R. Walsh, Bob Watson, Tom Wilkinson, Mark Winterstein,




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